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Laserfiche Launches Workflow Bots, New Robotic Process Automation Capabilities

Laserfiche — the leading global provider of intelligent content management and business process automation — today announced the availability of workflow bots, new features that allow organizations to take advantage of expanded robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities in the Laserfiche® platform. Laserfiche workflow bots offer a no-code solution to automating repeatable clicks and data entry actions across applications, key for organizations looking to build more complete, end-to-end solutions.

Laserfiche users will be able to use workflow bots to mimic repetitive manual tasks — such as data entry, logging in and out of systems and filling out forms — alongside existing process automation features to help fill integration gaps and boost employee productivity. Enterprises that rely on legacy systems or third-party, external sites for everyday operations but currently do not have a way to integrate them can deploy workflow bots to work between applications seamlessly, syncing data and processes without human intervention. As companies increasingly look to automation for handling routine, manual tasks, employees will be empowered to do more productive — and less robotic — work.

Additional benefits of Laserfiche’s new workflow bots features include:

  • Increased productivity: More complete, end-to-end solutions minimize manual intervention and streamline processes.

  • Better consistency and accuracy: Automated processes are less prone to error.

  • Low technical barrier: Workflow bots provide a no-code solution to developing automated processes without requiring extensive technical resources or training.

  • Consolidated data and functionality: Automating data entry can bridge gaps between siloed applications.

  • Easy to implement: Since workflow bots work directly across the screens of applications, organizations will not need to overhaul existing processes or applications that may already be in place to start using them.

“Businesses and employees alike want their time back from monotonous tasks to be more productive, more effective and more innovative,” said Karl Chan, president and chief technology officer at Laserfiche. “We’re excited to introduce RPA capabilities to the Laserfiche platform to supplement human employees’ capabilities and open up new opportunities for efficiency and innovation, giving our customers a competitive edge.”

To learn more about Laserfiche workflow bots and RPA capabilities, visit

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