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8 Reasons to go Cloud

For a while now we’ve been hearing about ‘the cloud.’ Sure, most of us have been using it to host all of the photos we’ve taken on our phones for the last decade, but, recently, more businesses are turning towards cloud systems. In fact, research conducted by Levvel found that over 70% of today’s organizations are migrating their information to the cloud.

Laserfiche saw this market shift coming and pioneered their Cloud early in the trend’s lifecycle. Now many years later, the Software as a Service (SaaS) solution offers a turnkey, flexible, and robust solution providing many benefits to organizations. With Laserfiche Cloud, you can enhance enterprise content management for the people who use it the most: your employees.

Here are 8 benefits of moving to the Laserfiche Cloud:

Reduces hardware footprint and frees up space

The SaaS option of Laserfiche Cloud means that you can wave goodbye to large and costly servers and gain the additional space that they used to take up. With a cloud-hosted option, you won’t need to invest in server hardware and backups.

Frees up time for your IT team to dedicate to other projects

Having an on-premise system typically means that an organization needs to have an IT team to care for and maintain the hardware involved. With the cloud-hosted option, Laserfiche handles all of the maintenance, so your IT team is free to spend their time on other projects that better support your employees.

The Laserfiche Cloud runs automatic updates

When using a self-hosted system, your team needs to schedule and manage system updates. When you migrate to the Cloud, updates are completed automatically. This means that it’s easier and faster for your organization to gain access to new features and bug fixes – a win/win for everyone! Laserfiche is updating the Cloud environment with new features monthly.

Low upfront cost and flexible licensing

With on-premise systems, you are typically paying most or all of the cost up front and maintenance per year. On Laserfiche Cloud, billing is assessed annually with the flexibility to go up or down on licenses. Additionally, most of the platform modules are bundled and included in the offerings.

Migrating to the Cloud opens new possibilities for features

Cloud users can enjoy additional features not available to self-hosted users and many of the modules bundled into the licensing. Features include a Dashboard interface, Direct Share, built-in integrations such as MS Teams, reporting, surveys, web API calls, and workflow bots. Additional features can be added such as Invoice Capture and built-in integrations with specific CRMs and other applications.

It’s reliable and makes content more accessible

A cloud-based system is far more accessible for employees who are traveling or working from home. Connecting to an on-premise system remotely can be more complex. With Laserfiche Cloud, employees can carry out their job functions safely and securely, from anywhere that they need to be. Custom authentication features can be added like Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), two-factor identification, single sign-on (SSO), and traditional password controls for internal and external users. The Cloud is also 99.9% reliable.

The Laserfiche Cloud is secure and compliant

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform boasts security features such as automatic intrusion detection and AES-256 encryption at rest and in transit. This Trust Center site assists in questions regarding security, privacy, and compliance in detail including meeting compliance standards such as SOC 1,2,3, FISMA, ISO, PCI.

It’s an easy transition from Laserfiche Self-Hosted to Cloud

Transitioning to the Laserfiche Cloud is easy! With out of the box integrations and frameworks, the Laserfiche Cloud offers a turn-key solution. Migrating from an on-premise system to the Cloud can take as little as a day.

As you can see, the Laserfiche Cloud migration is cost effective, easy, and offers a lot of flexibility for your organization. It’s a great choice for most organizations, including local governments, educational institutions, and manufacturing across a multitude of industries.

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credit: ECS Imaging Inc.

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