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Document Management

Digital transformation (Digitalization and Process Automation) isn’t new. But it is now impacting our way of businesses work all around the world, the need for digital transformation is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It’s now a necessity.


At DocuSoft Nigeria, based on the diverse players in the industry we work with, from Oil and Gas, Health, Insurance, Schools, NGOs, Embassies, Government, Legal, Corporates, diverse EDMS needs are also required, we resolve this by working with the best EDMS OEMs in the industry like FolderIT DMS, Laserfiche EDMS, LogicalDoc , Filestream EDMS to fulfil client requirement.

Our clients are able to have flexible choices based on requirement and budget. Our staff and consultants are experts in this areas who have gone through OEM training and support, so that we can continuously serve and support your growing organisation in the area of Electronic Document Management and Business Processes Automation.

We offer both Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid based deployment, all based on your security and infrastructural requirements.

DocuSoft Nigeria - Document Management Solutions and Business Process Automation Solutions
Please fil in our Contact Form or get in touch by email, you can also call us on 0703 222 0015 for further enquiries.
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