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DocuSoft Document Shredding


DocuSoft Nigeria offers full document destruction and shredding services. Shredding and document destruction is an essential part of global business best practice when handling high volume or sensitive documents. Security breaches are a threat in various organizations, and proper document shredding and destruction is quite important to keep this risk at bay.

We are capable of handling your document security, shredding, and document destruction needs, and help protect you or your organization from a number of information security threats. Some benefits of our services include:

  • Preventing identity theft

  • Preventing security breach

  • Minimizing environmental impact

  • Meeting legislation requirements

  • Protecting privacy

  • Reducing risk of legal and financial repercussions of security breach

Document Shredding
Shredder Bins

We will pick up your documents to shred or we can place a gallon secure bin in your office for a token payment monthly for regular collection.

Proper document shredding and destruction, particularly for confidential, secure, or sensitive documents, is important for businesses everywhere. It is an important measures your organization can take in order to prevent security breach, identity theft, and the financial, reputational, and legal problems that come with it. Protect yourself, your company, your employees, and your clients with secure document destruction and shredding.




Please fil in our Contact Form or get in touch by email, you can also call us on 0703 222 0015 for further enquiries.

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