DocuSoft Digitizaton Process

Scanning Bureau Services

Our scanning process and team are experienced Archivists who have experience in all aspects of document scanning, From Pre-scanning process, Test Scans,  Indexing, Verification & Quality Control through to Post Scanning Process.


We ensure that all documents collected are scanned and accounted for. There is not document too brittle or wrinkled or old that our team cannot revive and scan clearly into client required end product i.e. OCR'ed to Ms Word .docx, Text, PDF, Editable PDF, TIFF or JPEG files.

Our Scanning / Digitisation Process
Document Scanning Process
Architectural Drawings, Maps, Books and Manuals  Scanning Project
DocuSoft Nigeria Limited - A0 and Book S
Book and Newspaper Scanning Project
Nigerian Economic Summit Group Books Scanning Project
Newspaper Digitization