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Physical Archiving Shelves for Documents - metal frame



At DocuSoft Nigeria, we work with Organizations to develop a robust Document Classification and Document Retention Policies, and we archive and index their physical files for ease of access thereby improving performance and efficiency in their business process.

Our Approach is divided into 3 phases

Phase I: Sorting, Indexing and Labelling

Phase II: Archival Box Storage

Phase III: Installation of High-Density Shelving  




















Records Management is barcode driven archive and records management software for managing physical paper records including file tracking, storage, retention and retrieval of original documents, files and archive boxes, and with the DocuSoft-NG Imaging option scanned documents may also be stored, retrieved and displayed on screen.

Using barcode or RFID technology, Our Records Management (RMS) system is designed to identify and track physical documents such as client or customer files, patient records, planning applications, internal documents, forms, drawings, working papers, incoming mail and archived material.

Our records management helps records managers and users:


  • register files and documents as 'records' by printing and attaching a

  • barcode

  • store records in their appropriate classifications along with the

  • prescribed metadata 

  • search for and retrieve records when required 

  • track the access of the record over its active and in-active life cycle

Our Flie Tracking solution can help both large and small organisations take

advantage of the speed and accuracy of bar code data collection.

A few uses of our solutions include:

  • File (or Folder) Tracking

  • Document Tracking

  • Evidence Tracking

  • Patient Records

  • Asset Tracking

  • Compliance

File tracking software DocuSoft Nigeria Limited

Samle Sites

NDIC Documents Before - DocuSoft Nigeria Limited
NDIC Documents After - DocuSoft Nigeria Limited
Military Pensions Board Before - DocuSoft Nigeria Limited
Military Pension Board After - DocuSoft Nigeria Limited
Physical Archiving Solutions

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