At DocuSoft Nigeria, we work with Organisations to develop a robust Document Classification and Document Retention Policies, and we archive and index their physical files for ease of access thereby improving performance and efficiency in their business process.

Our Approach is divided into 3 phases

Phase I: Sorting, Indexing and Labelling

Phase II: Archival Box Storage

Phase III: Installation of High-Density Shelving


Phase I:

Sorting, Indexing and Labeling. This phase involves physical re-organization of the files, sorting them to identify documents that have been destroyed which will be marked for destruction and the ones in good state marked OK.

  1. Document Examination and Evaluation

  2. Classification - Retain ( Archive, Inactive, Active)  or Destroy

  3. Develop indexing systems

  4. Estimate Space required for racks , boxes etc 

  5. Metadata for each file will be collected.

  6. The metadata will be prepared in a spreadsheet that will aid in Phase II archiving.


Phase II:

Archival Box Storage. Concurrently, as the files are treated in Phase I above, they will be stacked in archival boxes and labelled

  1. Stack similar files in each archival boxes

  2. Label each box with its file ids

  3. Assign box number

  4. Update metadata spreadsheet with box number


Phase III:

Installation of High-Density Shelving to maximize the space allocated.  We will help to improve space utilization, while providing immediate access to your files making it easier to store, retrieve and shift. The metals are fabricated international and assembled locally by our engineers.

  1. We check if existing shelving units in the archives, if there is any are still in good order and may not be replaced due to budget constraints

  2. We will bring in our engineers to measure and design a new filing layout

  3. We will build, design and install new high-density open metal shelving system according to global standards

  4. We will label the shelves by rows, columns and year or client requirement

  5. The archival boxes from phase II above will stack accordingly.

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