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What is Laserfiche?
It is the electronic document management system that  DocuSoft Nigeria currently use to capture and store documents regardless of if its a text file or an image

What is electronic document management?
It is the conversion of paper documents into electronic images. It prevents lost records, saves storage space, manages records easily, finds documents quickly, makes images centrally available and eliminates the need for file cabinets.


What type of documents goes into Laserfiche?
All types of documents can be scanned into Laserfiche, especially documents that are actively used in the organisation, and document that have defined retention policies.


I have a lot of old files and documents in my office, how do i know what to scan?
You will first need to determine what documents have to be accessed frequently and start there, then work through the remaining files. Do not scan anything that is coming up for record destruction soon. Refer to the Record Retention Schedule of your organisation if you have one.


How are documents organized inside Laserfiche?
The system has a repository (Database) and each department has a main folder and then sub-folders are created based on the type of documents the departments handle/processes and is required to maintain.

Who sets up the folders for the departments?
The departments will create their own folder structure with the assistance of the Office representative. The department will also determine who they will want to access the folders that are created. The department may also appoint a Departmental Records Manager, who will maintain the folder structure and the moving or deletion of documents.

If i have a scanner already, can i use it or do i have to get a new one?
You can use the one that you have but depending on the brand and the size of documents being scanned, we have A3, A4 and book scanners. You can have certain brands of scanner that can be used during implementation which you are familiar with and can support if there are issues. If you need to procure scanners, our experts may be able to help, get in touch.

Why is it that when i scan my double-sided document, i only see one side of the document?
You have to make sure that your scanner settings have been set-up to capture both sides of the document. In the scanner settings make sure that for the "Paper Source" option, that you select "Feeder Duplex".

How do i get rid of blank pages?
You can click on the blank page and hit the delete button or the red X when viewing the thumbnails.

After i scan my documents in can i reorder the pages?
Yes. You can click on the thumbnail of the page that you want to move and just drag it to where you want it.

My scanner froze while i was scanning documents and now the screen is locked, what do i do and are my documents lost?
You can do  Ctrl+Alt+Delete and open Task Manager. Under "Processes" look for the PVAMU-LFTwain-Laserfiche Scanning application that is running and click on it and select "End Task". This will close the session and you can then go back and reopen Laserfiche and the scanning window. You will be asked if you want to recover the documents that you were previously working on, click yes and the documents will open up.

I tried to open a document that i just scanned and it said it was Locked, how can i unlock it?
If you refresh the document list it may unlock the document. If that doesn't work then contact your IT department.

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