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The future of business blends convenience for both solution providers and customers, the 8am - 5pm schedule have been thrown out of the window. A key element of business has become the ability to be able to operate at anytime and anywhere.  


Access to information must be convenient, and incorporate the ability to take care of day-to-day tasks without living home or from anywhere, this is now being demanded by customers. In this new digital world of convenience, proper security measures are more important than ever before. In other to be successful in this new normal, service providers must review ways to improve processes, eliminate paper processes and digitize paper records

We work with clients to radically restructure their organizations by focusing on the ground-up design of their business processes. With our team of Business Analysts who are certified Lean 6 Sigma Consultants, we create an effort for process documentation so that the organization is more systematic, we work with clients to rethink and redesign the way work is done to better support your organization's mission and reduce costs. 


















Digital Transformation Process helps to transform your:

  • Vision – establish a culture of change

  • Resources – streamline the work it takes to delight customers

  • Technology – connect the disparate systems across your operations

  • Data – transform the foundation of data that unites your operations

  • We work with our clients to develop or review existing Business Processes As-Is

  • Assist chosen Department Champions to develop granular end to end Business Process Catalogue for their departments

  • Work with our clients to develop Standard Operating Procedures of ISO Standards

  • Develop Process Modelling maps for As-Is and To-Be for each Process

  • Mapping of processes to existing BAU applications or new enterprise ECM/EDMS solutions

  • Develop ECM / EDMS Policies

  • Work with client to map processes and deploy ECM / EDMS solutions that meets identified business processes suitable for automation

  • We will train and support your organization throughout this process

Please fil in our Contact Form or get in touch by email to schedule a demo, you can also call us on 0703 222 0015 for further enquiries.

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