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Some of our Projects include:

DocuSoft Nigeria - Projects

Business Process Automation and Re-engineering towards the roll out of ECM / EDMS Solution

DocuSoft Nigeria is working on behalf of African Initiative for Governance (AIG) as ECM / EDMS Project Consultants for the roll out of ECM / EDMS solution for a government agency. This process improves Performance within the agency and KPIs can be measured.

DocuSoft Nigeria - Projects

Digitization of A0 Maps and Books for Egbin Power PLC

EPP needed their important documents archived electronically for easy access by staff on the field. Buy digitization the Maps and journals allows EPP to share documents with stakeholders where required

DocuSoft Nigeria - Projects

Digitization of document and deployment  of an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for the Military Pension Board (MPB)

MPB handles payment of pensions and other benefits to Military retirees.

The Challenge: In the past, there had been times when pensioners had to wait hours or days due to loss or mis-location of files / or ghost officers claiming falsely.

Solution: With the deployment of our EDMS solution with the Digitization of all pensioner files, and given adequate training to MPB Staff by DocuSoft Nigeria. Files were retrieved electronically in seconds and false claimants were wiped off the system

DocuSoft Nigeria - Projects

Digitization and EDMS for United Securities Limited,
Sankore Global and Vetiva Capital

DocuSoft recently completed the digitization of documents and deployment of our EDMS solutions. This helped to improve level of services to clients, accessibility of digitized document at all locations. We helped automate their business processes by deploying Laserfiche Business Processes Management tool , including Web Access and Mobile Access which all come as standard

DocuSoft Nigeria - Projects

Digitization of Documents for the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) HQ

The objective of this assignment was to allow NDIC have access quickly to its active documents,  and dead files can be stored digitally for historical use or reference.

This project also creates more space in the NDIC HQ office, reducing loss of documents and allows collaboration, so that other NDIC branches can have access to files to efficiently fulfill tasks at hand.

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