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Embassy of Switzerland Abuja Nigeria
The Swiss Embassy in Abuja has been very satisfied with the excellent services offered by the staff of DocuSoft (Nigeria) Ltd. Moreover, the Embassy of Switzerland encountered a very efficient and courteous staff
-    First Secretary / Cousul

Embassy of Ireland Abuja Nigeria
DocuSoft Nigeria Limited is a well structured and very experienced company, The management are service and customer oriented, They are extremely accommodating in all aspects of services provided and ensure that any change that the  customer may wish to make in procedures etc are carried out switfly, efficiently and professionally.
The Irish Embassy in Abuja have thus far been wholly satisfied with the cooperation with their service and
professional approach to our needs</i></p>

-    Visa Office Manager

Delta State Government
Working with DocuSoft Nigeria Limited was exciting, they understood what we wanted to achieve with this project, and worked with us to develop a project plan, document classification policy, civil servants documents. Integrating this process with Biometric technology has helped us achieved our aim of weeding out "ghost workers" on the state payroll thereby saving the state a lot of money
-    SSA ICT Delta State

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