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Our Cloud EDMS Service

With our Cloud Service, we offer all the benefits of Laserfiche RIO and more, Co-Authoring, Direct Share where more than one user can update a file at the same time, Workflow Bots - New Robotic process automation, and more to improve your EDMS experience and make the work place a hotspot, you can log in anywhere onto your documents and processes from any location. No investment in infrastructure required, just sign-up and sign-in. We will do all the rest

Capturing Content

With Laserfiche Cloud, you have many options for capturing your content, whether you're archiving paper documents or storing files from your computer. When capturing documents--whether scanned physical documents or electronic files--you can also capture information about those documents for later reference.

Laserfiche Cloud offers many ways to capture information, allowing you to quickly store all the information your organization needs in one place, wherever you are.

Searching and Locating Content

Laserfiche cloud includes powerful search tools to help you pinpoint the document you need. You can perform a quick search to easily find documents without additional configuration, or you can perform an advanced search to take advantage of the many search options to fine-tune your search. Once you've located a document, you can also search within that document and jump directly to the section you need.

Working with Documents

Once you've stored documents in Laserfiche Cloud, the web interface provides many ways to work with them. You can open and work with electronic files (such as spreadsheets or Word documents) in their native applications. You can also view scanned or Snapshot printed imaged documents directly in Laserfiche Cloud.

In addition, Laserfiche Cloud gives you many tools for working with documents, all of which are part of Laserfiche RIO, 

The Laserfiche Office Plug-in also allows you to easily work with Microsoft Office documents directly from Laserfiche, Co-Authoring which allows more than one person edit a document at the same time.

Managing Records, Retention, and Disposition

Records management features in Laserfiche allow you to process records and record folders according to a life cycle, through creation, retrieval, storage, and disposition. Records managers can define file plans and configure retention rules specific to their organization. The life-cycle timeline displays the record's history and disposition eligibility, and eligible actions such as cutoff, transfer, accession, and destruction can be performed directly on the timeline. Records managers can quickly generate reports of records currently eligible for cutoff, disposition, and vital record review through the Records Management quick access list. Disposition actions can then be performed directly from the report.

Securing and Auditing Your Information

Ensuring that your information is secure is a vital part of document management. Laserfiche offers many ways for you to protect your content. Entry access rights allow you to determine exactly what users have the rights to perform what actions on specific documents and folders. Privileges grant or restrict the ability to perform certain tasks across the entire repository. Field and template rights give you more specific control over who can view what metadata about a document. In addition, security tags allow you to restrict access to documents on a document-by-document basis, and redactions allow you to restrict access to information on specific parts of document pages.

Auditing enables you to track activities performed in a Laserfiche repository and generate reports of those activities. You can create reports to analyze audit data, view the information as a chart, filter it to include only the information relevant to you, and export the data for use in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Integrating with Other Applications

Laserfiche provides you with many ways to integrate with other applications. In addition to the Office Plug-in, Laserfiche Cloud includes native integrations with Laser App and DocuSign. The Laser App integration allows you to capture Laser App forms and store them directly in Laserfiche. The DocuSign integration allows you to request signatures on your documents.

More information on Laserfiche Cloud


  • No upfront cost or need for hardware

  • Tight security with multi-factor authentication

  • Automatic software updates keeping you on the most up to date version

  • No worrying about backup and disaster recovery

Please fil in our Contact Form or get in touch by email, you can also call us on 0703 222 0015 for further enquiries.

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